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A New Balance by Christian Becker

A new high in Accuracy, Beauty and Convenience. Model AB-2 Chainomatic Balance exemplifies modern balance design-engineered to a fineness that assures precise accuracy designed for utility and beauty. For instance, the newly designed front door actually comprises a portion of the case sides, eliminating bothersome front corner posts and giving you easier access to the pans. The smoothly opening door raises higher, and has a newly developed strainless sash balance which does away with troublesome sash weights. The removable back panel has a translucent opal glass pane. The balance mechanism is mounted directly to the rigid aluminum cast base rather than to the glass base plate, which now serves merely as a smooth working surface. Since no mechanism is mounted to the glass, broken base plates resulting from temperature or mechanical stresses are eliminated. Mounting the balance column to the case base results in a sturdy and rigid column construction.

The case exterior features a lustrous two-toned grey finish, chemically resistant. The white interior brightens the work area. A drawer is built into the case. The AB-2 Chainomatic (dial reading) has a notched beam, and is magnetically damped. No weights from 1/10 mg. to 1.1 gram are required. The balance comes equipped with movable index and equilibrium adjuster.


Capacity – 200 grams

Sensitivity – 1/20 mg. with full load.

Graduated dial and vernier reading 1/10 mg. to 100 mg.

Beam – 6″ in length; aluminum.

Rider carrier of improved design.

Knife edges – agate; all rigidly set in the beam.

Realising mechanism of such construction that shifting of end bearings and dulling of agate edges is limited.

Magnetic damper furnished with the new Alnico magnets.

Pans – stainless steel;

Bows – brass coated; 4.125″ x 8.5″ high.

Auto Dex – for zero adjustment without disturbing the beam.

New independent pan arrest with positive stop.

Case – 18.25″ x 9″ x 20″ high.