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Model DLT5 500 gram capacity balance

THE TORSION DLT5 BALANCE makes three times as many weighings per hour as before. Here’s why. Conventional laboratory balances use a graduated beam and slide weight for fine weighing after the weight has been determined to within 10 grams. Under the old procedure the balance is arrested, slide weight positioned, balance released, balance comes to rest, position of indicator noted, balance arrested again, slide weight repositioned and so on until the weight is determined within 0.1 gram.

All this time consuming “cut-and-try” procedure is replaced with a simple graduated dial which can be turned without arresting the oil-damped balance. This means that the time consuming part of the weighing (below ten grams) can be “dialed-in”—and in 1/3 the time.

In keeping with Torsion’s Million-Plus construction, the new dial mechanism retains its original accuracy after more than a million weighings. The new dial is graduated from zero to ten grams by 1/10 gram graduations. Dial is readable to 20 milligrams. Balance capacity is 500 grams, with an accuracy of 50 milligrams. Metal case has corrosion-resistant gray finish, arrest for quick weighing, and oil type dash pot.