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Principles of operation

‘Torbal’ balances have several advantages over other balances based on the following principles: 1) The mechanism is virtually in one piece, and no parts move over other parts – in consequence, no wear occurs; 2) There is no knife edge fulcrum to dull with use and by the action of the dust and abrasives common in laboratories; 3) Movement is friction free and there are no bearings to become sluggish with accumulated dust; 4) The absence of loose parts means that adjustments are permanent; 5) The basic advantages of a ‘Torbal’ Balance-quick action and sensitivity to small weight differences; 6) are maintained throughout the life of the balance.
C3/0800. BALANCE, ‘Torbal’, dial form

Type DLT2. Mounted in metal case designed to exclude dust and chemicals. Provided with oil dash-pot for fast damping. Hinged lid with glass top and front. Chemically resistant grey finish.

1961 (49)_1


Capacity 120g.
Sensitivity 3 mg.
Sensibility Reciprocal 10 mg.
Dial 1 g. in 10 mg.
Pans, stainless steel 3 1/8 in. diam.


C3.0810. BALANCE, ‘Torbal’, dial form

Type DLT5. The dial can be turned without arresting the balance, greatly lessening weighing times. Provided with dash-pot for fast damping. In metal case with chemically resistant grey finish.

1961 (50)_1


Capacity 500 g.
Accuracy 50 mg.
Dial 10 g. in 0-1 g., readable to 20 mg.
Pan, stainless steel (removable) 5 in diam.


Published in 1961