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Torbal Electronic Top-Loading Balances

The TORBAL ET-1 top-loading balance is the only 160g capacity balance that gives you: 1 milligram accuracy… complete digital display without optics or verniers… electronic null readout that prevents reading errors… variable tare up to 48g… and the “no-knife-edge” construction that insures years of service without expensive maintenance.

Simplified weighing to 1 nig

Whether you are making a sample weighing or weighing unknowns, the TORBAL ET-1 presents new standards in reading ease, accuracy and reproducibility. With the TORBAL ET-1 you can quickly and easily determine unknown weights to 1 mg without using a vernier readout or micrometer or estimating.

All that the operator has to do is keep his eye on the null indicator and rotate the weight control knobs until the needle of the null indicator is at zero. Then, he reads the weight directly to 1 mg from the digital display.

Sample weighing too is simple and rapid. The desired sample weight is set on the digital readout and material added to the weighing pan until the null indicator reads zero.

Because of the ET-1’s electronic null readout feature, its accuracy is not affected by sensitivity changes. (Readings on conventional knife-edge optical balances are affected by sensitivity changes resulting from temperature or humidity variations or from foreign matter or wear).

Here’s how to check it out: Dial in 1 milligram of weight change with the weight control knob. This amount of change is equal to the smallest unit on the digital display. As long as this much change produces a clearly perceptible change in position of the null meter needle, changes in the balance’s sensitivity will not affect the accuracy of the weighing.

Dial-in variable tare

Maximum tare with the ET-1 is 208 g. Eight to ten grams of infinitely variable tare can be dialed into the TORBAL ET-1, merely by rotating the tare control knob on the left side of the cabinet. Up to 40 additional grams of tare are available by preloading the balance’s second pan. And by use of the built-in weight set, an additional 159.9 g of tare are available.

New Remote-Control Top-Loading Balance

New TORBAL ET-l-ER electronic balance has full digital readout with a 1 mg accuracy and all the features of the ET-1—plus a special remote control design. A separate console permits the operator to be isolated from the material being weighed and from the environment in which the weighing is made. The absence of optical elements solves the problem of “browning” caused by nuclear radiation environments. Reading errors arc prevented by tns complete digital presentation without the use of verniers. The new top- loading balance may be used with or without the lift-off windshield. The balance and console are connected by 10 feet of 8-conductor cable.

Capacity of the balance is 160 g (200 g including tare) and precision (standard deviation) is ±0.5 mg Digital display is to the nearest 1 mg. The ET-I-ER can be modified for “under-thebalance” weighing.