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Analytical Scales

Even early analytical scales were constructed with the upmost precision and delicacy. While these scales may have lacked the ruggedness of today’s digital models, they were just as accurate. Shortly after being introduced in the science community, analytical balances quickly became a necessity for all reputable laboratories. The toughest task was designing the mechanism to weigh perfectly while at full capacity.

Analytical Balance No. 1-C

Sawed from hard rolled aluminum, great tensile strenth and uniform density. Will retain adjustment through various temperature changes. 8 in. long, graduated on the right-hand side in 50 divisions, 0 in the center to 50 directly over the end knife edge. Riders weigh 1 mg., each division corresponding to 1/50
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Analytical Chainomatic Balance No.9

BEAM ARREST (Patented)

The special construction of the beam arrest not only insures the positive alignment of the agate edges with their respective bearings, but is so designed that the center agate knife edge is directly over the center of the column. This is of great importance when the
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Analytical Balance No. 8A

Dimensions over all 16 1/2 in. long. 9 1/4 in. deep. 18 1/2 in. high. Polished mahogany, with glass sides and top, front sliding frame counterpoised rear frame removable. Mounted on black plate glass. With vial levels and leveling screws. (more…)
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