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The New Torbal PL-800 Optical Projection Balance

Another addition to the Torsion line of optical projection balances is the one pictured on the left—the PL-800. Covering the range of 0 to 800 grams with an accuracy of ±0.01 grams, a precision (standard deviation) of ±0.005 grams, this balance, like the PL-1 and PL-2, features weighing

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Top loading TORBAL® Torsion Balance improves quality control operation

Key Features • Time required for moisture analysis has been reduced 30 to 40 percent. • Four of the nine technicians formerly required for weight checks have been reassigned to other activities.

For moisture content checks in the processing of dehydrated onion and garlic, Gilroy Foods, Inc.,was fully utilizing two optical-projection knife-edge balances. Dust

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Weight Loading Balancing Unit Speeds Operational Techniques


Fast, accurate weighing in benchscale research tests is helping Columbia-Geneva Sled Division of United States Steel to reach timely decisions on development of reserves, facility requirements, and operational techniques at the lowest possible cost.

Among the items of modern laboratory equipment in Columbia-Geneva's new raw materials research

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The Model DWL-3V

You'll get increased speed and accuracy in laboratory weighings with this Torbal 200 gram capacity dial balance. From 10 milligrams to 100 grams can be weighed directly by dialing, and only a single 100-gram weight is needed to reach the 200-gram capacity of the DWL-3V.

Dual dialing

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Weight Loading Dial Balance Helps Produce Thermoelectric Devices

A weight substitution dial balance is helping step up pilot production of thermoelectric materials at RCA's Harrison, N. J. facility. The RCA Thermoelectric Engineering Products activity has built up over 3 years of experience producing materials and devices to convert heat into electricity through what is known as

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Electronic Analytical Balance

Today, if we were to wander around the nation's industrial facilities and laboratories, we would find electronic balances being used for everything from counting batches of resistors to adjusting the component ratio of epoxy mixtures. Many of these balances are suitable for the most demanding analytical work, while

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Modern Laboratory Furniture. Designed and Built by Aloe

Maximum inflexibility, quality, and economy are achieved with Moduline furniture. In use nationwide... the result of Aloe's years of experience in manufacturing and selling laboratory equipment to customers whose needs are specialized. ALOE MODULINE is flexible in function and arrangement, permanent in its all-welded construction,  economical in its

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A balance that prints the weight

AN INNOVATION that makes the work of laboratorians lighter and more accurate is Ainsworth's new PRINTING Right-A-Weigh Balance. Called the Model SP-BU, it's a one-pan, constant sensitivity, semi-automatic balance that prints the weight on a tape. The Model SP-BU consists of a modified Right-A-Weigh Balance, which will weigh loads

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Freas Conditioning Ovens

Continuing an unchallenged reputation for leadership, Freas offers again, as it always has, the finest conditioning ovens available anywhere. With their outstanding uniformity and reliability, you can be sure of obtaining precise moisture determinations. Available in either a mechanical or gravity convection model, these cabinets offer such

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The Balance

The balance probably has the longest history of any scientific instrument. The principle of the double-arm balance was known to the early Egyptians, but not until the 18th century was the instrument refined to permit truly precise measurements. One of the first balances to appear

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