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State Pharmacy Commission Felix Blanc

I should like to take this opportunity of acquainting you readers briefly with your State Pharmacy Commission and to tell you something about the workings of our Commission which is the direct manifested legal control of the profession of pharmacy in our state towards the betterment and protection

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Torsion Balance Saves 60% of Weighing Time

Torsion's Dial makes the difference.

And what the difference it makes! You can now make three times as many weighings per hour as before Torsion's new Dial Balance. Here's why: Conventional laboratory balances use a graduated beam and slide weight for "fine" weighing after the weight has been determined with 1
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Electric Mortar Grinder

With a minimum of time this grinder pulverizes all types of material to a fineness suitable for analytical purposes or any other particle size as desired.

High speed grinding is particularly desirable for repetitive control sampling. Running without attention, this unit releases the laboratory worker from

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Torsion DLT-5

Like the widely accepted earlier DLT2 models using a dial for the time consuming portion of your weighings this balance will reduce weighing time up to 60% - as the dial can be adjusted without arresting the beam, without positioning a beam weight and repeating

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EA-1 Stop Adjustment

As the Models EA-1 and ET-1 are null balances, the beam is always returned to its initial "zero" position. To speed up the weighing operation, the beam travel is limited by four sets of "stops" as shown in Figure 1. The "Stops" are located at the four corners
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EA-1 adjustment procedures

As an EA-1 ages, or when replacing a circuit board, it may be necessary to adjust the range-counter adjustment potentionmeter. Even though each board is tested and calibrated before leaving the factory, small differences between balances may call for this adjustment. Read more