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The TORBAL model EA-1 balance is a null type single pan balance using taut metal bands as the fulcra in place of knife edges or friction pivots. Placing an object on the pan displaces the beam from its zero position. Through substitution weighing combined with electronic control, the beam
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Torbal Electronic Top-Loading Balances

The TORBAL ET-1 top-loading balance is the only 160g capacity balance that gives you: 1 milligram accuracy... complete digital display without optics or verniers... electronic null readout that prevents reading errors... variable tare up to 48g... and the "no-knife-edge" construction that insures years of service without expensive maintenance. Read more

Analytical Balance PA1

During the past few years balance requirements have become more and more critical, thus compelling Manufacturers to devise methods of overcoming wear on knife edges.

Certainly, to sell successfully in the balance industry has necessitated proving to the balance user that knife wear on the particular

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Torbal Prescription Balances – DRX2

Thanks to the torsion weighing mechanism the TORBAL prescription balance is sensitive, independent of wear, unaffected by dust or dirt, and adjustment is permanent — all of which adds up to  extra-long, useful, maintenance-free service.

Model DRx2 with a capacity of 120 grams (4 oz.) features

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Chainomatic Balance JE-1

Chainomatic dial— quick readings at a constant-eye-level from a fixed point. Dial allows free access to right pan. Large numerals, great freedom from parallax error. Zero setting from outside the case. No weights needed from 0 to 10 carats. Magnetic damper — "Alnico" damper speeds weighing, vernier graduated for duplicating
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Microchemical Balance

One of the leading micro chemists in the U.S.A. is responsible for the development of this new balance.  Based on ideas and suggestions by him, Christian Becker built the original model for his exclusive use.  Results were so satisfactory, however, that it was decided to make the balance available
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Torsion flexible glove cabinet

The Torsion Model GC-2 Flexible Glove Cabinet is ideally suited for those laboratory situations in which biological or chemical materials must be manipulated under a controlled atmosphere or under sterile conditions. The cabinet is constructed of heavy plastic sheeting supported over a collapsible frame of plated steel rods. This
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Model DLT5 500 gram capacity balance

THE TORSION DLT5 BALANCE makes three times as many weighings per hour as before. Here's why. Conventional laboratory balances use a graduated beam and slide weight for fine weighing after the weight has been determined to within 10 grams. Under the old procedure the balance is arrested, slide weight
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Torbal chromatographic desalter

When the current passes through the solution, positive ions pass into one end compartment via the anion exchange membrane while negative ions pass into the other end compartment via the cation exchange membrane, eaving the solution reduced in inorganic salts. (more…)

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Accessories for cream and moisture test balances

Accurate weighing of cream samples or samples for moisture determinations is impossible unless adequate precautions are taken to protect the balance from air currents during the weighing operation. The use of the new plexi-glass windshield and cover assures that adequate precautions are being taken against a very common

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