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A New Balance by Christian Becker

A new high in Accuracy, Beauty and Convenience. Model AB-2 Chainomatic Balance exemplifies modern balance design-engineered to a fineness that assures precise accuracy designed for utility and beauty. For instance, the newly designed front door actually comprises a portion of the case sides, eliminating bothersome front

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S/P balances

S/P offers an in-depth selection of balances plus many other types of products and supplies for research, industry, and manufacturers'and processors ''in-line'' needs. While product selection is important, our professional standards dictate that we offer you more...far more. Over 500 S/P Representatives to serve your needs...More that 23,000,000 cubic feet of
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Sensitive, low cost balances

If you're looking for a balance that gives you dependable, long lasting accuracy -- check one of these moderately priced torsion balances. Both balances, Nos. 4104 and 4189, are of one-piece construction giving rigidity and permanence of adjustment. Weighings are done quickly and with a minimum of effort.

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New Torsion Balance triples the speed of lab weighings

FUSSING WITH slide weights of conventional general-purpose lab balances is a thing of the past. The new Torsion Dial Balance replaces the graduated beam and slide weight with an ingenious graduated dial that can be turned without arresting the balance. Result: the time-consuming part of weighing (i.e., below 1 gram)
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New Torsion Dial Balances With Weight Loaders

Torsions new line of weight-loading dial balances retains all the proved advantages of the unique Torsion principle which eliminates knife edges and guarantees long-lasting accuracy. Since Torsion introduced the "fine weighing" dial over a year ago, users have reported substantial savings in weighing time. Now Torsion has added a "weight-loading" dial

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B-1334X Torbal Analytical Pollution Balance

Torbal ANALYTICAL POLLUTION BALANCE with Solid State Null Indicator and ''No Knife Edge'' Construction. This balance also features an extra-large weighing chamber for use in air pollution analysis. In addition to the large easel for supporting large filter sheets, it comes with a standard pan and bow assembly

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Improved Balance Design Speeds Laboratory Work

To appreciate how time—and tempers can be saved in daily use of laboratory balances, let's go through a typical weighing operation, using a balance of modern design. First of all, there's no time wasted in adjusting the zero point of the balance. Any slight variation from zero is quickly corrected.
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Torbal balance has bounced over 100,000 miles.

This well-traveled Torbal balance has bounced over 100,000 miles of dusty, bumpy roads and still has its high accuracy and sensitivity.This standard TORBAL DWL-2-1 balance travels inside a mobile chemical laboratory which so far has ranged from Connecticut to Florida, New York to California nad 30 other states

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Torsion Balance Model IL-9

The IL-9 is available with either of two beams—1 gram by .01 grams, or 500 mg. by 5 mg. It will handle samples up to 120 grams without the use of weights below one gram. This balance has a deep aluminum top with a glass window at the top and

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