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Principles of operation

'Torbal' balances have several advantages over other balances based on the following principles: 1) The mechanism is virtually in one piece, and no parts move over other parts - in consequence, no wear occurs; 2) There is no knife edge fulcrum to dull with use and by the action of
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EA-1 The most advanced analytical balance

New Torbal EA-1 replaces conventional optical system with an electronic null indicator; balance "beam" is always restored to equilibrium position before weight is read. Possibilities of inaccuracies in weighing due to variations in deflection sensitivity (when knife edges become worn, dirty, or damaged) are completely eliminated.   Read more


The new Torbal Model DRX-3 meets or exceedes all the specifications and tolerances for a Class III prescription balance as defined in NBS Handbook 44.

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Torbal ET-1 Top Loading Balance

The TORBAL ET-1 top-loading balance is the only 160g capacity balance that gives you 1 miligram accuracy, complete digital display without optics or verniers, electronic null readout that prevents reading errors and variable tare up to 40g.

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The Laboratory Clinical Edition

The new 200-gram Christian Becker Single-Pan Balance offers this patented feature, plus a group of other design features: 1) optical ‘read-out’ with a clear-cut black-rectangle-&-sharp-line design features that add up to a sizable achievement in fast, convenient weighing; 2) The large reticle-&-vernier system gives fourth place readings at

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Model ST-1 Dial Balance

The new Torbal model ST-1 dial balance guarantees long-lasting, dependable accuracy. There are no knife-edges or friction pivots to be abraded by use, no loose weights to slow the operator. Instant silicone-fluid damping eliminates arrestment in handling dial and beam.  Read more

B.T.L. stainless steel anaerobic jar

TORBAL'S NEW B.T.L. STAINLESS STEEL ANAEROBIC JAR, a modification of the Mclntosh and Fildes pattern, is a simple but effective apparatus for producing anaerobic conditions, and incorporates a number of features notably a room temperature catalyst which result in improved growth of anaerobes and safer, easier and quicker

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