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Prescription and chemical balance No.269

Our standard balance for pharmaceutical, chemical and kindred work. Extensively used for routine laboratory work.

Capacity 120 grams (4 ounces).
Sensitiveness 2 milligrams (1/32 grain).
Pans Nickel silver, removable, 3 inches.
Beam Rider, with double graduation, 10 grains by 1/8 grain; 65 centigrams by 10 milligrams or if specially ordered with single graduation


1 gram by 1/100 gram.

or 500 milligrams by 5 milligrams.

Or 10 grains by 1/10 grain.

No Small Weights Required


Arrest For quick weighing.
Case Glass and Nickel Plated Metal
Measurements 13 by 6 by 6 1/2 inches high
Price (Code Word, Presbal) $60,00