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Analytical balance No. 15

15 cm (6”) long, sawed from hard rolled special aluminum alloy, having great tensile strength and uniform density. Will sustain full load without flexure and maintain adjustment through varying temperature changes. Graduated each side of the centre 1/10 mg. To 5 mg.

Capacity 200 grammes
Sensitiveness 1/20 mg. With 100 gram load (1/10 mg with full load
Knife Edges Agate
Bearings Agate planes. Alle edges are entirely freed from the bearings, when the balance is arrested
Releasing Mechanism Fall away type, a simple and effective arrestment for beam and agate edges
Rider Rod Of patented design allows rider to be carried in one motion over entire graduations in either direction; insured accurate alignment, in all positions, of the lifting hooks with the beam. Extremely easy and simple in manipulation and free from any binding or sticking
Pans Nickel silver, 6 cm. (2 3/8”) diam
Bows Nickel silver, 10 1/4 cm. Wide x 20 cm high inside. (4 1/8 x 8”.)
Pan Arrest Independent arrest for pans with stop
Case Dimensions over all 16 1/2” long, 9 1/4” deep, 18 1/2” high. Polished mahogany, with glass sides and top, front sliding door counterpoised, rear door removable. With vial levels and leveling screws
Measurements 30” x 16” x 25”
Net Weight 23 llb
Shipping Weight Domestic, 70 lb; Esport, 72 lb
Code Word Balance with 3 riders 5 mg…ANACLITO
Code Word Balance with 3 riders 5 mg. Mounted on Black Plate Glass…ANACOLMO
Code Word Balance with 3 riders 5 mg, mounted on Black Plate Glass and with ”Auto-Dex”…ANACDEX