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Laboratory Scales

Some form of laboratory scales have been used by almost every culture of man throughout time. There has always been a need to establish the weight of the objects around us. Lab scales have been used for commerce, science, compounding, and endless other applications. From the early basic models to today’s advanced digital ones, laboratory scales have been a necessity.

For bullion metabolism laboratory and factory use No.54

Bows have an unusally large clearance, 23 in. high, 13 1/4 in. wide. Beam is released and arrested by means of a lever opeated eccentric roller which raises and lowers the beam smoothly. Centre column of polished cold rolled steel. Beam support of japanned iron and of unusual rugged construction.
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Torsion Laboratory Balance No. 4555

No Levelling Screws. Container Tared and Scale Levelled in One Operation. While Glazed Case-Sanitary-Easily Kepl Clean-Heavy Case Giving Increased Stability. For weighing any commodity where accurate results are desired. For quick and accurate weighing is unsurpassed. Ideal for chemical, pharmaceutical and routine work. Extensively used for laboratory and factory work.
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Torsion Chemical and Laboratory Balance No.253,254

No knife edges to wear. No bearings to accumulate dust. Graduated (not illustrated). No small weights required. 8 ounces in 1/8 ounce graduations or if speciall ordered. 100 grams in 1 gram, or 10 grams in 1/10 gram graduations. When ordering state beam required.

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Solution Balance No.3050,3060, No.255

Metric Weights, Iron, Black Japan, 1 kilo to 10 grams, and with small brass weights to 1 gram, per set 4.55nMetric Weights, Iron, Black Japan, 2 kilos to 10 grams, and with small brass weights to 1 gram, per set 5.80 Used for making solutions, etc., also for

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