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The Torsion Balance Company

The Torsion Balance Company was preceded by the Springer Torsion Balance Company, whose Certificate of Incorporation was filed on September 7, 1897. The purposes of that corporation were to "acquire the ownership of patents on scales, balances, automatic discharging meters, and other instruments ofprecision and to manufacture and

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Dial Unit Speeds Ore Weighing

Steelmakers base vital decisions on raw-material assays. Accurate weighing is a must. With a new dual-dial torsion balance, they get precise oresample weights in a hurry.

Fast, accurate weighing in bench scale research tests can provide key data affecting iron and steel production. Columbia-Geneva Steel Div., United

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Torsion’s DWL-3 Dial Balance speeds weighing

Torsion's Dial Balance speeds weighing for control analysis in manufacture of organic products by glyco chemicals

Weighing of waxes, esters and ethoxylated products is now accomplished in 20 per cent less time that previously in the production control laboratory at the Williamsport, Pa., plant of Glyco Chemicals,

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Aerosol whipped toppings

In tests of six typical brands, CU turned up disappointing quality, labeling difficulties, and some unsolved technological problems. Today's convenience-minded food processors have barely begun to utilize one of the more popular offspring of the pushbutton age, the aerosol package. The only food product that contributes significantly to the

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Model AB-1

- Automatic Dampers at beam ends assure quick, positive readings.

- Scientifically-positioned screen with graduated vernier at working level with direct reading to 1/10 mg.

- Specially designed completely new projection apparatus with scientific optical system means sharper, clearer image on screen.

- New, tapered

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DRX2 – Prescription Balance with Magnetic Damping

The Torsion Balance Company has introduced a Class A prescription balance featuring magnetic damping. The Model DRX2 has a capacity of 120 g and a sensitivity of 2 mg. The conventional rider weight and sliding carrier is replaced with a dial graduated in grams and grains. It comes

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Down Corning – Faster, Accurate Weighing

Conventional beam and slide weight balances are accurate but too slow for large volume laboratory work. Torsion balances speed volume weighing. The new two-dial torsion balances manufactured by The Torsion Balance Company, Clifton, New Jersey, provides both high speed and high accuracy. These units maintain accuracy up to two

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Ruggedness & convenience in the 2-to-4 1/2 kilo weighing range

NEVER BEFORE have balances of such high capacity combined the convenience of dialect-weight operation with the ruggedness of torsion-band design. These new balances—one with 4500-gram, one with 2000-gram capacity—offer fast accurate performance under the most trying laboratory conditions. Like the 8 other patented Torsion balances in the Fisher

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