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Jewelers Scales

Specifically designed for weighing precious gems and stones, jeweler’s scales have been invaluable to traders. These scales were especially important in the days of bartering, where jewels could act as a form of currency. Modern jewelry scales are spec’d in carats (ct.) to eliminate the need for conversions.

No.29 for bullion faktory work

Bronze, great tensile strength and uniform density; will sustain full load without flexure and will maintain adjustment through varying temperature changes. The 300 oz. balance has beam made of special aluminum alloy. (more…)
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Druggist’s and chemists’ scales No. 281

Style No. 281 – Balance case of natural Mahogany, with counterpoised sliding door and drawer for weights. German Silver pans 3 inches in diameter. Capacity 4 ounces in each pan. Sensitive to 1/100th grain. With rider beam graduated from 1/100th of grain to 1 grain. Price, $50,00 Read more

Paper Scale and Bullion Balance No.4570, 4400

Used by United States Bureau of Standards, Paper Mills, Etc. To ascertain quickly and accurately the exact weight per ream of both 500 and 480 sheets, when one single sheet of paper of any size, is weighted. No calculations or weights required. Read more