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For gold, silver, colors, dyes, laboratory and routine weighing No.56

Bronze, 12¼ in. long. Graduated 0 to 1 oz. by 1/100 oz. (Troy or Avoir.) or 0 to 10 grams by 1/10 gram Brass, 10½ in. by 7½ in. by 3 in. deep, with ring bottom and counterpoise And end bearings of hardened steel, centre bearing of agate


Capacity 30 oz. Troy (2 lb.) (1 kg.)
Sensitiveness 1/200 oz. Troy (1/10 gram)
Bows Brass, 7½ in. wide by 9½ in. high
Plates 5 in. diameter (plates firmly attached)
Column Brass, black japan finish
Base Steel, black japan finish, 20 in. by 7 in. wide. With level and leveling screws
Releasing Mechanism Lever for raising and lowering beam
Dimensions 20 in. by 7 in. by 17¾ in. high overall
Price, without weights $ 50.00
Code Word, Bufol. Beam 1 oz. by 1/100 oz. (Troy)
Code Word, Bufit. Beam 1 oz. by 1/100 oz. (Avoir.)