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Technical precision balance (improved model) No. 14

Bronze, 30 1/2 cm. (12”) long, great tensile strength and uniform density. Will sustain full load without flexure and maintain adjustment through varying temperature changes. Graduated each side of the centre 1/5 mg. To 20 mg.

Capacity 500 grams
Sensitiveness 1/5 mg.
Knife Edges Agate.
Bearings Agate planes. All edges are entirely freed from the bearings, when the balance is arrested.
Releasing Mechanism Fall away type, an effective arrestment for beam and bearings.
Rider Rod See description, page 31.
Stand Single column construstion.
Plates Aluminum, 15 cm. (6”) diam.
Bows Aluminum, 16 1/2 cm wide x 30 1/2 high inside. (6 1/2 x 12”.)
Pan Arrest Independent arrest for pans with stop.
Case Dimensions over all 25” long 12” deep, 22” high.
Code Word With 3 riders, 20 mg…BALADA