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Torsion Laboratory Balance No. 4555

No Levelling Screws. Container Tared and Scale Levelled in One Operation. While Glazed Case-Sanitary-Easily Kepl Clean-Heavy Case Giving Increased Stability. For weighing any commodity where accurate results are desired. For quick and accurate weighing is unsurpassed. Ideal for chemical, pharmaceutical and routine work. Extensively used for laboratory and factory work.

Capacity 500 grams (16 oz.)
Sensitiveness 15 mg (1/4 grain)
Pan Nickel silver, removable, 5 inches.
Beam Graduated, no small weights required.


Double graduations,

lower edge, 10 grams in 1/10 gram graduations

upper edge, 150 grains in 1 grain graduations.

Or if specially ordered with single graduation, 2 grams in 1/50 gram, or 5 grams in 1/20 gram, or 100 grams in 1 gram, or 1 oz. In 1/100 oz., or 1 oz. In 1/64 oz.

Arrest For quick weighing.
Case White glazed
Price (Code Word, Disbal) $ 38,00.
No. 4555 Without the graduated beam (Code word, Disbalno) $35,00