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Chemical and Laboratory Balances No. 253, 254, 255

Graduated. No small weights required. 8 ounces by 1/8 ounce graduations, or, if specially ordered, 100 grams by 1 gram, or 10 grams by 1/10 gram graduations.

Capacity 4 1/2 kg. (10 lbs.)
Sensitiveness 1/15 gram (1 grain)
Pans Brass, nickel-plated, 9 in.
Bearings Agate planes. Alle edges are entirely freed from the bearings, when the balance is arrested
Releasing Mechanism Fall away type, a simple and effective arrestment for beam and agate edges
Rider Rod Of patented design allows rider to be carried in one motion over entire graduations in either direction; insured accurate alignment, in all positions, of the lifting hooks with the beam. Extremely easy and simple in manipulation and free from any binding or sticking
Pans Nickel silver, 6 cm. (2 3/8”) diam
Bows Nickel silver, 10 1/4 cm. Wide x 20 cm high inside. (4 1/8 x 8”.)
Pan Arrest Independent arrest for pans with stop
Case Dimensions over all 16 1/2” long, 9 1/4” deep, 18 1/2” high. Polished mahogany, with glass sides and top, front sliding door counterpoised, rear door removable. With vial levels and leveling screws
Measurements 30” x 16” x 25”
Net Weight 23 llb
Shipping Weight Domestic, 70 lb; Esport, 72 lb
Code Word Balance with 3 riders 5 mg…ANACLITO
Code Word Balance with 3 riders 5 mg. Mounted on Black Plate Glass…ANACOLMO
Code Word Balance with 3 riders 5 mg, mounted on Black Plate Glass and with ”Auto-Dex”…ANACDEX