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For bullion metabolism laboratory and factory use No.54

Bows have an unusally large clearance, 23 in. high, 13 1/4 in. wide. Beam is released and arrested by means of a lever opeated eccentric roller which raises and lowers the beam smoothly. Centre column of polished cold rolled steel. Beam support of japanned iron and of unusual rugged construction.


Capacity 20 kg. (650 oz. Troy)
Sensitiveness 50 mg. (3/4 grain)
Beam Bell metal, aluminum finish, 22 in. long
Knife Edges Steel, gold plated
Bearings Agate planes. All edges freed from bearings when balance is arrested
Pans Nickel plated brass, 12 in. diameter
Bows 23 in. high x 13 1/4 in. wide
Base Iron, 37 3/4 in. long, 14 3/4 in. deep. Level and leveling screws.
Height 47 in. overall.
Price, without weights (Code Word MEDIC) $175