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Accessories for cream and moisture test balances

Accurate weighing of cream samples or samples for moisture determinations is impossible unless adequate precautions are taken to protect the balance from air currents during the weighing operation. The use of the new plexi-glass windshield and cover assures that adequate precautions are being taken against a very common source of error. Designed by the Torsion Balance Company for the dairy trade a new plexiglass windshield protects the balance from air currents when samples are being weighed.

The Torsion Balance Company is pleased to offer to the Dairy Industry matched sets of 5 or 10 aluminum cups. All cups in a set are adjusted so the maximum weight variation between cups is less than 500 mg. The aluminum cups are of 250 ml. capacity, Griffin low form, slightly tapered, and flared at the top with a pour out. The convenience of having all cups of approximately the same weight speeds appreciably the weighing of moisture samples. By eliminating loose tare weights, one possible source of error is removed.

In addition to the Model DB-3 illustrated above, our cream test balances include 1, 2, and 12 bottle models. Many new features including a new oil damper and the use of the corrosion proof torsion bands make the DB series the finest balances ever offered to the dairy industry.

Published in 1967