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Analytical Balance PA1

During the past few years balance requirements have become more and more critical, thus compelling Manufacturers to devise methods of overcoming wear on knife edges.

Certainly, to sell successfully in the balance industry has necessitated proving to the balance user that knife wear on the particular instrument in question would be at a minimum. The new TORBAL ANALYTICAL BALANCE PA.1. has unquestionably outdated all knife edge instruments as the features listed below prove:

1. “No knife edge or friction pivot” construction.

2. No beam arrestment required.

3. Null type readout permitting easy sample weighing to fourth decimal place.

4. Null type readout overcomes any variation in sensitivity, temperature changes.

5. Less affect of vibration.

6. Digital readout.

7. All controls on lower console for convenient operation.

8. Easy access to pan by either left or right-handed person.

9. Large weighing chamber.

10. Removable weighing pan and bow construction allow easy use of other commodity holders of approximately the same weight. (This would have effect of increasing the tare capacity).

11. Snap-on top cover of balance when removed gives access to entire weighing mechanism.