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EA-1 The most advanced analytical balance

New Torbal EA-1 replaces conventional optical system with an electronic null indicator; balance “beam” is always restored to equilibrium position before weight is read. Possibilities of inaccuracies in weighing due to variations in deflection sensitivity (when knife edges become worn, dirty, or damaged) are completely eliminated.

Complete digital readout to 0.1 mg

a1_1Digital presentation of weight without the use of an optical system, micrometer or verniers gives better readability, accuracy and reproducibility.

The new Torbal EA-1 analytical balance brings new ease and accuracy to analytical weighings. Capacity is 160 grams, precision 0.03 mg. The unique torsion design principle, used in all Torbal balances, gives the EA-1 friction free performance by using torsion bands instead of knife edges or friction pivots. There is no wear and no friction to mar precision and results in loss of accuracy. Torbal balances retain heir initial accuracy.

The new Torsion Balance Company instrument is the first single pan, substitution analytical balance designed with no knife edges. It relies instead on a unique principle using a system of metal torsion bands which are firmly affixed to the balance beam. In addition to faster operation, this torsion principle prevents loss of accuracy due to wear, dust buildup or harmful atmospheric conditions. A silicone fluid dashpot damps oscillations of the torsion system almost immediately further reducing the time to perform weighings.