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The Model DWL-3V

You’ll get increased speed and accuracy in laboratory weighings with this Torbal 200 gram capacity dial balance. From 10 milligrams to 100 grams can be weighed directly by dialing, and only a single 100-gram weight is needed to reach the 200-gram capacity of the DWL-3V.

Dual dialing for both weight loading and fine weighing cuts weighing time by one-third. Without picking up or moving any small loose weights, up to 90 grams can be added by the weight-loading dial in 10-gram increments. Turning the second dial permits fine weighing from 0 to 10 grams. Addition of the vernier to the fine weighing dial permits readings accurate to ±10 milligrams.

Utilizing the unique torsion principle, the DWL-3V balance has no knife edges or bearings to impair accuracy by becoming worn or dull. For quicker readings, both dials of the balance can be manipulated without arresting the balance. An oil dash pot damps oscillations, bringing the weighing mechanism to rest at once.

Clean and functional in design, the new DWL-3V is contained in an attractive metal case having a chemically resistant gray finish. A removable 5-inch diameter stainless steel pan is provided for maximum utility in weighing bulky materials. Overall dimensions are 11 3/4 x 6 x 6 3/4 inches high. Net weight is 9 pounds.