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Technical precision balance No.13

Bronze, 61 cm. (24”) long, great tensile strength and uniform density. Will sustain full load without flexure and maintain adjustment through varying temperature changes.

Capacity 10 kg.
Sensitiveness 1 mg.
Knife Edges Steel.
Bearings Agate planes. All edges are entirely freed from the bearings, when the balance is arrested.
Releasing Mechanism The supporting points of the arrest arms move through the same are as the supporting points of the beam with the consequent dulling of the steel edges rubbing over their respective bearings being precluded.
Stand Single column construction.
Plates Brass, 23 cm. (9”) diam.
Bows Brass, 34 1/4 cm. Wide x 56 cm. High inside (13 1/2” x 22”).
Pan Arrest Independent arrest for pans with stop.
Case Dimensions over all 44 3/4 long, 16” deep, 40” high. Polished mahogany, with glass sides, front sliding foor counterpoised, rear door removable. With level and leveling screws.