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Torbal Prescription Balances – DRX2

Thanks to the torsion weighing mechanism the TORBAL prescription balance is sensitive, independent of wear, unaffected by dust or dirt, and adjustment is permanent — all of which adds up to  extra-long, useful, maintenance-free service.

Model DRx2 with a capacity of 120 grams (4 oz.) features a dial graduated in grams and grains which replaces conventional rider weight and sliding carrier rod.

Elimination of rider mover rod minimizes amount of counter space required and eliminates possibility of accidents that can be caused by an extended rider mover. (With the DRx2 there’s no chance of snagging a sleeve, possibly damaging the balance by bending the rider rod.) No loose weights needed below 1 gram (15 grains).

Double graduated dial — 15 grains in 1/8 grain divisions and 1 gram in lOmg divisions – can be adjusted without arresting beam. Magnetic damping stops oscillation, speeds weighing. Protectively enclosed in metal case with 2 3/4-inch-high hinged cover. Glass top and front view panel facilitate faster reading.