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The Laboratory Clinical Edition

The new 200-gram Christian Becker Single-Pan Balance offers this patented feature, plus a group of other design features: 1) optical ‘read-out’ with a clear-cut black-rectangle-&-sharp-line design features that add up to a sizable achievement in fast, convenient weighing; 2) The large reticle-&-vernier system gives fourth place readings at a glance, while the flat black of the vernier recess reducess and eyestrain.

Operation is easy, thanks to two eyelevel weight indicator lights. When the upper light is on, you turn a weight control knob to increase the indicator reading. When the lower light is on, you turn a knob decrease the reading. When both lights go off, you turn the release knob to the ‘fine weighing’ beam and read the final weight on number wheels to the nearest gram, and on the optical read-out from 1 gram to 0.1 milligram.

About 90% of the weighing is done on the rugged ‘rough weighing’ beam, with the ‘fine weighing’ beam used after all weight changes have been made. This means less wear on the agate knife edges and bearings of the fine beam. (In addition, a small red light indicates if the fine beam is released, minimizing the possibility of leaving the balance with weights on the fine beam).

The weights themselves (never handled by the operator) are non-magnetic stainless steel. The weight control knobs are located low and forward on the case for convenient operation. A bimetallic element automatically maintains the zero position automatically maintains the zero position under normal temperature variations. Reticle movements due to pan oscilation are minimized by the instrument’s oil damping system.