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Electric Mortar Grinder

With a minimum of time this grinder pulverizes all types of material to a fineness suitable for analytical purposes or any other particle size as desired.

High speed grinding is particularly desirable for repetitive control sampling. Running without attention, this unit releases the laboratory worker from tedious hand grinding and permits better utilization of his technical skills.

The special grade of hard porcelain used for the mortar and pestle allows not only the grinding of soft materials such as chalk, chemicals, etc. as is the case with conventional mortars and pestles, but also the grinding of coal, coke, quartzite, cement, clinker, ores, glass, fire clay, etc. Materials up to 1/8” in diameter can be ground with this unit.



The turntable on which the mortar is placed is gear driven directly from the motor at 90 rpm. There is no need for any clamping or adjusting of the mortar on the turntable. The pestle head assembly which is connected to a swivel-joint, can be titled away  from the mortar, permitting free and unresticted access to the mortar.

The heavily weighted pestle presses down on the material and is therefore rotated by friction. The pestle bearing is adjustable to insure perfect positioning of the pestle. This is of importance when the mortar or pestle are interchanged.. A scrapper made of highly  abrassion-resistant material is under an adjustable spring tension and prevents material from adhering to the wall of the mortar.

The mortar dust cover of metal with plexiglass windows prevents sample contamination during grinding or the contamination of other materials by the ground sample being dispersed into the atmosphere. In addition, the plexiglass windows enable the operator to see the grinding action with no danger from harmful dust or flying fragments of brittle materials.


Motor 0.15 h.p with built-in transmision gear
Turntable Speed 90 rpm
Sample Size 1/8” maximum
Working Capacity 50 cc
Built-In Time Switch 1-60 minute range or for continuous operation
Bench Space 15” x 10” (height 17”)
Weight 50 punds, net