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Sensitive, low cost balances

If you’re looking for a balance that gives you dependable, long lasting accuracy — check one of these moderately priced torsion balances. Both balances, Nos. 4104 and 4189, are of one-piece construction giving rigidity and permanence of adjustment. Weighings are done quickly and with a minimum of effort. Construction of these balances makes them among the finest in their field. Among their advantages are: a unique oil dash pot and lever type arrest which speeds weighings without sacrificing accuracy; scientifically positioned index scales for faster, easier reading; the elimination of knife edges and bearings; and one-piece construction which assures long lasting accuracy.

Balance No. 4104 has a capacity of 2 kilograms and a sensibility reciprocal of 2 grams. The beam is graduated to 10 grams by 0.1 gram divisions. The sliding tare has a capacity of approximately 8 ounces. The weighing pans are opal and 6 inches in diameter. Finish is attractive chemically resistant gray. Over-all dimensions are 16 3/4 by 8 3/4 by 14 3/4 inches high. The net weight is 22 pounds. The price, $120.00.

Balance No. 4189 is designed specifically to take the load off the analytical balances in your laboratory. While small in dimensions, 11 1/2 by 6×7 5/8 inches, it has a capacity of 120 grams and a sensibility reciprocal of 10 mg. The beam is single graduated 1 gram x 1/100 gram. Polished stainless steel pans are 3 1/2 inches in diameter. This balance has 2 3/4 inch high cover which permits the balance to function with a 100 mg. weight on the pan when the lid is closed. A glass front on the lid permits easy reading of the graduated beam and index. Metal case is finished in chemically resistant gray. The top glass plate is rubber gasketed to seal out dust and fumes. Adjustment screws permit leveling. Shipping weight sis 16 Ibs. Price, $135.00.

Published in 1955