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Combined assay and analitycal balance No.1-B

Specifications same as No. 1A (see page 5) but in addition to the assay hangers, also provided with 1 pair of aluminum bows and loose aluminum pans, for analytical work.

Capacity 25 grammes
Sensitiveness 1/50 mg
Speed Indicator swings 20 index divisions, each 1 mm. wide, in 10 seconds. An excellent balance for silver assaying, carbon weighing in iron and steel analysis; also used as a precision analytical balance.
Beam Sawed from hard rolled aluminum, great tensile strength and uniform density. Will retain adjustment through various temperature changes. 8 in. long, graduated on the right-hand side in 50 divisions, 0 in the center to 50 directly over the end knife edge. Riders weigh 1 mg., each division corresponding to 1/50 mg.
Knife Edges Agate
Bearings Agate
Hangers Nickel silver, skeleton type
Pans 1 1/8 in. diam., oxidized black, so that the smallest particle can be easily seen
Bows 2 in. wide
Pans Aluminum, removable, with handles, 1 13/16 in. diam., 1/2 in. deep.
Case Polished mahogany, with counterpoised sliding sash. Glass top, sides and back. Leveling screws and level. Dimensions: 15 1/2 in. long, 8 1/4 in. wide, 13 in. high.
Shipping Weight Domestic, 45 lb.; export, 50 lb.