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Chainomatic Balance JE-1

Chainomatic dial— quick readings at a constant-eye-level from a fixed point. Dial allows free access to right pan. Large numerals, great freedom from parallax error. Zero setting from outside the case. No weights needed from 0 to 10 carats.
Magnetic damper — “Alnico” damper speeds weighing, vernier graduated for duplicating settings, readily retractable.
Pan arrest — Individual pan arrests with positive stop and even release, mounted under base plate, adjustable from above. Permits centering of bows after weights are placed upon pans; reduces knife edge wear.
“Autodex” — Provides quick, positive adjustment to correct slight differences in equilibrium of balance from outside the case. Conveniently located control knob shifts index plate. Clutch prevents accidental movement.
Metal case — Tapered design focuses light on working area. White matte inside finish gives light without glare. Removable back door, transparent glass panel. No corner posts, greater working area. Interlocked metal case, greater stability as column is mounted to base casting rather than to glass base plate, as in the past—minimizes breakage and “tilting” of the column.
Rider — Smooth-acting vertical rider lifter moved, in one motion, over entire beam in either direction.