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Torsion flexible glove cabinet

The Torsion Model GC-2 Flexible Glove Cabinet is ideally suited for those laboratory situations in which biological or chemical materials must be manipulated under a controlled atmosphere or under sterile conditions. The cabinet is constructed of heavy plastic sheeting supported over a collapsible frame of plated steel rods. This type of construction retains the sheeting in an extended position even when the chambers are under a slight negative pressure, making the cabinet suitable for work involving low activity radioactive materials.

Suitable for Low Activity Radioactive Materials; Seams High Frequency Welded Collapsible Steel Rod Frame; Zippers Can Be Internally Sealed

All seams in the plastic sheeting are welded by a special high frequency process, insuring maximum strength. The gloves are also made from plastic sheeting, and are welded into position. The material is practically inert to most chemicals and, in the thickness used, is highly resistant to tearing. Special molded plastic zippers permit easy access to the working compartment and air lock. These zippers have double interlocking molded ridges which reduce compartment leakage to a minimum. After equipment is placed in the work chamber, the main zipper is fastened and can be internally sealed if required. Materials for operation can be inserted through the air lock which has similar closures on the inlet and outlet walls.

Inlets are provided for inflating the main chamber and the air lock separately. This arrangement permits a differential pressure to be maintained between the two compartments eliminating the possibility of leakage into the work area when the air lock is opened. Cabinet dimensions are 24 x 20 x 12 inches high at the front, 21 inches high at the back. Width of the air lock chamber is 8 inches.