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B.T.L. stainless steel anaerobic jar

TORBAL’S NEW B.T.L. STAINLESS STEEL ANAEROBIC JAR, a modification of the Mclntosh and Fildes pattern, is a simple but effective apparatus for producing anaerobic conditions, and incorporates a number of features notably a room temperature catalyst which result in improved growth of anaerobes and safer, easier and quicker methods of handling this important technique. Jar, lid and valves are of stainless steel to resist corrosion. Two needle valves fitted in the lid offer connection to hydrogen and vacuum supplies.

A rubber “O” ring eliminates grease and plasticine and provides a perfect seal with hand tightness. The special catalyst provided with the jar combines the oxygen remaining after evacuation to 10 cm of mercury with the large excess of hydrogen. This occurs completely, rapidly and safely at room temperature. An external indicator is provided and there is a fitting for a vacuum-pressure gauge, which is available as an accessory.

49-786 Torbal Anaerobic Jar— 10 1/2″ high overall with internal dimensions of 8″ depth and 5l/2″ diameter. (Torbal #AJ-2)    Each  $65.00
49-786-03 Vacuum-Pressure Gauge for Anaerobic Jar (optional). Each $10.00